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We`ll Try To Give You An Idea About Our White Face Fallow Pearl Pied Cochatiel Showbirds & The Work That Went Into Getting Them Ready To Show.

We Have Found The That Cockatiels Need To Be 4 or 5 Years Old To Have The Proper Feather Content & Body Maturity.

Next In Line To Show

About Ready For A Birdbreak!

Zacks Baby Love-Love

2nd place in Raleigh rated show

W/F Fallow Pearl Pied & W/F Normal Pearl Babys

Next In Line For Show

Sometimes A Helping Hand Is Needed

How It All Starts

You Will notice That Most All The Cockatiels are Of The Fallow Variety And A Few W/F Normal Pearls,As We Only Have Fallows,White Face & Non Whiteface And Use The W/F Normal Pearls To Enhance Our Fallows

This Is Peyton And Yes He Has A Blue Band With #18

Wear Their Food Well

Hello.. And welcome to our website about Birds, Our flock includes W/F Fallow Pearl Pied Show Cockatiels, 
We have been working on our White Faced Fallow Pearl Pied Cockatiels for about 9 years, trying to perfect the Birds in order for us to show them. We started with one pair of Fallow Cockatiels, the male was Visual W/F Fallow Pied, and the Female was Fallow Pied Split to White Face.We decided to also buy a Fallow Pied Male and pair it with a White Face Normal Pearl, hoping to get a W/F Fallow Pearl Pied, and after about 3 years we finally got one.  The big thing here is, Although Not Related the 2 pairs mentioned above also produced a lot of Splits that we paired and worked with.
 Finally now as I`m typing this we have 5 Babies of the White Face Fallow Pied Pearls that we are getting ready for show  

 This was our first Bird show with our W/F Fallow Pearl Pied,and we think we did well,in the Fallow class .





Newest Fallow Baby

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