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We Will try to explain the Making of a Pinapple Conure and the Trouble Y`All must go Through

Exotic Conures As Pets......
The Conure for me is as good as it gets for a Pet bird..
Now... Why might I say that? The Conures as a Breed are very Smart,They are very Loyal and they just are so much fun to be around..
What .. you might ask started me on Conures.. Well the first time I saw a Pinapple Conure I was hooked. I said to myself..... Self... gotta get me one of them. Please Keep in mind all refersences to the Greencheek Conures are all the Greencheek Family and the Yellowside and Cinnamon Colors make them Mutations of the Greencheek family
Now how to make this Happen.. Could buy one Or... Could aquire the Birds for Parents and get the Parents to make me one.. Its much better to get the birds as Babies and raise them up... much easier to become best buddies if your handfeeding a baby bird,the birds tend to take you as a parent and except you into their flock.
Alright.. since having decided to make the Pinapple conure we had to aquire Parents and since the Pinapple Conure is both the Yellowside and Cinnamon Conures mixed together. If you`ll look at the birds in the picture you`ll notice the Brilliant Yellow and Red underside and that is the Yellowside Influance. The Cinnamon is represented by the soft brown head very light green back and of course Red eyes.
OK needed to start ..... a Male Yellowside and a Female Cinnamon selected as the parents and in doing my research I discovered that the Babies from this Paring would result in all the male babies would be Visual normal Greencheeks and what the hobby calls Double Splits( To both the Parents Colors) and also in Sex linked Mutations the Female will not be Split at all... all the Girl babies will look like the dad.
This is starting to make my Brain hurt.... we`ll get into what we did next in another blog...
If its worth doing its worth doing best you can...

So very Fortunate for us we were able to aquire a male Visual Pinapple Conure.
So.. we thought this was just gonna be easy now.... Wrong
The Parents in this paring... Visual male Pinapple and I did not have as yet a Visual female Pinapple to use,so we used a Yellowside female that had an unusual amount of red&yellow on her chest. Please keep in mind none of the females can be split and so we decided to approach it this way.
The babies from this paring were... all the males were Yellowsided Split to cinnamon and all the females were Pinapples..All the ladies looked just like my girl in the pick. However Y`all note the males were not Visual Pinapples... and so we went back to the research and tried to understand what paring beside a Visual Pair of Pinapples would result in making male Pinapples Conures
We did find out that the males we got from this paring would make Pinapple male Conures with the right paring of female Conures.
If its worth doing its worth doing best you can...

The Male Yellowside Split to Cinnamon Babies..
You`ll notice the Yellowside influance with the Dark head and dark green back.
one of the down sides to doing stuff the hard way is that it always takes so long.... got to let the guys grow and mature...
same with the ladies....
So here we are with this .... The male of this paring will be a Yellowside Split to Cinnamon,if you`ll remember when we started with this we new that was the two colors we needed to make a Pinapple and if we knew how difficult this was gonna be,don`t know if we would have embarqed on the journey.
However the Female will be a Visual Pinapple and the babies from this paring will be... the males will Yellowside Split to Cinnamon and some will be Visual Pinapple.
The Females will be Visual Pinapples and a few will be Yellowsided.
Wow... That hurt my brain...
If its worth doing its worth doing best you can..

This is my newest bestist little buddy Fanny.
Now you ask... why did you name her that. well as onry as she is I was callin her Frank for a time.... Just Kidding...
That&the fact there is a song by The Band that Fanny likes a lot called The Weight.
Fanny is a Pinapple Green Cheek Conure.Pinapple Conures are very rare in the hobby.
My Girl is special because she is a Conure.. noted for nipping & not having a backup gear.. No reverse,does not back up for nothing, Keeps on comming at her adversary,known to pick fights just `cause they`re boored. My girl is all of the above,just not showing her bad side as of yet.... One way to try and keep the great temprement is to continue to get her out of her cage and play every day.. very important... same for any Bird Pet.
My Girl is Proof its the Individual bird and its her Parentage that makes up Temprement & Parents who pass along a good temperment in their genes are a must to a breeder.At least to me its a Priority
As I`m typing this Fanny is walking on the keys trying to be helpful... not so much. we`re just hanging out.
Well this is a prime Example of the old addage a friend excepts you for what you are not what somebody would have you be...or any preconcieved notions of big,small, tall, Fat, Skinny, short or anything else,Just wants to hang out with you.

This is a Pair of Cinnamon Conures

   To Clarify somewhat... The guys to the left are Visual Cinnamons & the one on the Right is A Yellowside

 To make a Pinapple we need both of the Visual Mutations of Greencheek Conures.

  The Little guys on the Botton are the Beginning of our Pinapples.. 

This is a Yellowside Conure
Newest Pinapple Conures
Pinapple Babies

The Pinapple Conure Saga has not been fully Written as of yet